To recall the taste of original tobacco, we are proud to offer you the selected liquid of Officine SVAPO, produced through a faithful maceration process typical of tobacco.

Kentucky n.33

This Kentucky is cultivated in Italy, it is a bodied tobacco,

intense and with strong notes.

The oak and maple burnt wood give the typical aroma of our cigars, and the smell of hay and clay from the generous Tuscan hills will be highlighted.



 Latino n.55 


Aroma unique, inimitable in its


Delicate and enveloping,

opens the nostril referring to the sensation of hibiscus and acacia wood, from land fiery red of central Cuba.



Smoked Virginia n.12,

The Italian Virginia tobacco is bright and grows in the province of Benevento.

A refined blend of light tobacco and not intrusive on the palate.

Dry but decided, this liquid is for lovers of traditional wooden odors, done with a bitter warm smoke, ancient and stylish tastes with soft shades of virginia.


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